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Lunch-hour Experience, Strength and Hope

Support Reco12

We are searching for Spearheads to help us advance the Reco12 Project.  Are you a Spearhead?

At Reco12, we are so grateful for any and all support.  All donations are and will be used to cover the addiction recovery podcast platform, website, Zoom, and administrative costs.  

Reco12 also has some future plans to create other podcasts and services to assist the addict of any variety who still suffers or who is supporting those who still suffer.  Some of these ideas include:  

  • Recorded sponsoring resources on how to work with others; 

  • A platform where anyone can record a 4 minute share for others to hear and access anytime.  called Reco12 Shares.

  • A paragraph-by-paragraph Big Book Roundtable with a handful of recovered individuals who really know the Big Book. Starting in July, 2023!

If you would like to become a Reco12 Spearhead and help ... spearhead these or any other missions that you think would fit in the Reco12 family of resources, please subscribe.  And if you have any other ideas, reach out to me at and let's talk about it.

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