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What is This Reco12 Thing?

Just like the Sun always rising in the East, there is always hope for those who feel hopelessly lost in addiction - yes... there is even hope for YOU. The Reco12 Speaker Meeting Podcast is one of many places where individuals who walk the walk and have lived in the depths of the hell of addiction share their experience, strength and hope.

These speakers will come from all addictions, faiths, locations, ages, races, nationalities, socio-economic backgrounds, etc. Just as it is said in the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous: "We are like passengers of a great liner the moment after rescue from shipwreck when camaraderie, joyousness and democracy pervade the vessel from steerage to Captain's table." (page 17). The common theme is that all guest speakers will have at least 1 year sobriety (bare minimum) and will be currently and actively working recovery in the fellowship of their choice. They will be invited to be real about their experiences while using language that all people will feel comfortable listening to.

Reco12 hosts a live, webinar speaker meeting every Friday at 10:00 am pacific time that can be attended by invitation only. If you wish to be invited, please come to and submit your email address. You will then receive a one-time-per-week email with the link to the live webinar along with a quick introduction of the next speaker and topic. Also included in this email will be the speaker's chosen organization to which the collections from that week's speaker meeting will be donated. To learn more about this unique program, come to .

But, what if I can't attend the live webinar and really want to hear the message? Have no fear, the Reco12 Podcast is here! Within 48 hours of the live webinar, the podcast version will be released on virtually every podcast platform you can imagine. You can listen there and be uplifted and motivated to take life one more day at a time. To find the Reco12 Podcast on your podcast provider either come to or search for "Reco12 Speaker Meeting Podcast" in your podcast's search bar.

But, what if I want to contribute to the cause and can't be there live? Thank you for your generosity! You can always donate at anytime through the support link listed above. When you donate either through Venmo or PayPal, please make a comment as to which episode or organization you would like your contribution to be sent. That will enable us to send it where you want it.

We are so excited to provide a unique and accepting speaker meeting where ALL can feel welcome and where ALL can be lifted and supported. If you have questions, please feel free to send an email to .

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