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Reco12 Shares - Call to Action!

Here are 3 ways you can help support and launch Reco12 Shares:

1. Go to and record a quick 3 – second blurb of you saying “Reco12 Shares” and submit it.

2. Go to the same link and record a 2 to 4 minute long Solution-based share, just like you would do in any other 12 Step meeting. Follow the guidelines on the page in your share and submit that.

3. Go to the same link and record yourself saying your favorite recovery prayer. Record something like, “Hi, I’m (name) and this is the (Recovery Prayer), then say that recovery prayer and submit it.

Yes, we are looking for the Solution in these shares, but definitely NOT edited, scripted, rehearsed, or preachy shares. Just your Experience, Strength, and Hope in a simple and unprofessional way. If there is background noise… GREAT! If there are imperfections… PERFECT!!! We are freaking addicts! Let’s allow the mess to show so that HP’s power can shine through our messiness.

If you choose to do 1, it can take as little as 10 seconds to do it. If you choose to do all three, it will take no more than 6 minutes to do it.

And here is 1 more way that you can really make a difference in the Reco12 Family of Recovery Resources:

Become a Reco12 Spearhead and financially support these project. Your donations will cover web hosting, podcast platform, Zoom, transcribing and enhancing software programs, and the development of future Reco12 projects like:

  • Resources for sponsors and sponsees to help them work the Steps effectively and efficiently

  • A roundtable discussion on recovery materials

  • Other services that the Reco12 Spearheads suggest that we put into practice.

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